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Vidbox Mexico

Vidbox México began operations in the second quarter of 2014 and has VidBox Mexico NY Capital Expodeployed 100 kiosks in the greater Tijuana area. It has Agreements with Redbox Automated Retail to acquire and operate automated video rental kiosks in Mexico. The kiosks are placed in grocery stores,convenience stores, pharmacies, fast food restaurants and other high traffic consumer locations.

The company has enough machines in inventory for a national deployment in México.

Products and Services

Vidbox rents and occasionally sells DVDs and video games at convenient consumer locations.

Business Models

Vidbox Mexico’s intent is to replicate the success Redbox has had in the U.S. Through partnering with top retailers and elite merchant services, Vidbox has no learning curve for the operations other than what arises uniquely to Mexico. The single biggest key to success is kiosk place- ment. The principals of Vidbox have existing relationships with the targeted locations.


The low cost of operating a kiosk and the convenience  for  customers  are  the  biggest competitive   advantages.   The   kiosks   and software  are  proven.  They  have  been  inoperation in the States for several years. We have  an  exclusivity  and  non-compete  with Redbox for México

Sparta Fitness Group S.A de C.V

Sparta55 is a 1.5 year old boutique fitness center with 7 locations. 1 in the USA, 1 in Brazil, and 5 in Mexico. Capacity at each 3,000 square feet Sparta 55 NY Capital Expolocation is 300 users and it costs $70,000 top open each gym with a recovery on investment capital in one quarter.  The company has 120 requests for licensing and franchising in Mexico.

Clients train in a team atmosphere with 8 to 10 other people for 55 workdays.  After 55 days they graduate from the first phase of training.  The success of Sparta55 is guaranteed results in 55 days. Sales are online, viral, with no salespeople, just before and after photos and testimonials.

Mexico currently has the second largest fitness market in all of Latin America, consisting of a market value of $1.4 billion. This equates to 2.5% of the Mexican population that is currently enrolled in a gym or fitness studio, making Mexico the fourth country in the world with the largest population of fitness clubs.


  • Gross Sales 2014 with 3 gyms = $1,500,000.00
  • EBITDA = 40%
  • Capital needed: $2,000,000.00

Co-Produccion S. A. de C. V.

Co-Produccion is a second generation 40 year old company specializing in cross border Mexico/USA operations including manufacturing, human resources, and payroll for USA companies operating in Mexico.

Co-Produccion S. A. de C. V. helps US companies open manufacturing operations in Mexico including real estate, construction, hiring employees, payroll and feasibility studies.  It continues to work with clients by providing full service legal and HR services.

The growth model includes leasing the real estate to clients. Currently the company outsources the real estate component to industrial parks in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

Mexico has more than 5,000 Maquiladoras or Foreign Manufacturing Facilities with an investment of $200 Billion in the last 3 years.  Maquiladoras in Mexico save up to 75% of labor costs compared to USA labor costs. That is one of the main attractions bringing US manufacturing to Mexico.


  • Gross Sales = $15,000,000
  • Target Revenue after Going Public = $25 million
  • Target Revenue in 4 years = $50 million
  • Capital needed = $7 million phase 1

Xschel de Mexico Introduction

Xschel is a 16 year old Mexican company selling medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and clinics all over Mexico.  Under new Mexican Regulations the Hospitals need to comply with a new sterilization best practices. The company will provide certification and compliance for private and public companies in Mexico.

The cost of sterilizing an entire hospital is an average of $500,000. There are 5,000 hospitals in Mexico including more than 1,500 owned and operated by the Mexican Federal Government.  Mexico practices socialized medicine and every citizen has the right to receive free health care.  The decision making and budgeting for the 1,500 public hospitals is centralized in three different agencies. One contract can be for up to 500 hospitals through the government.


  • Gross Sales Current Company = $2,000,000
  • Target Revenue = $25 million
  • Capital needed = $2 million


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